My mom said it best: “A sweep! I love those boys!”

I think the best word to describe the last week of Giants’ baseball is “Epic”. Epic wins. An epic series. An epic sweep! Heck, I never lost faith in our boys, even when they were down to the Cards in the NLCS. I knew they could hang in there, make it to the series and win. But would I ever have fathomed a sweep? Heck no, not even I, the ultimate of all ultimate optimists saw this one coming!

In just four games, over a five day period, our San Francisco Giants are World Series Champions once again, for the second time in just three years. It’s hard to express the joy I feel. I may even have shed a tear or two after that last out in the 10th inning, while Buster ran and he and Romo embraced like long lost brothers. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone.

The critics were against us. The East Coast media commentators were against us. Even the odds were against us. It was certainly hard to see coming off of last season, and the beginning of this season. So many new players, and injuries. It seemed to be a rebuilding year for sure. But never, ever count out the Giants. They never cease to amaze!

The Giants are a team built on team work.  Sure, there were hall of fame worthy performances by the likes of the Panda, hitting three home runs in game one, and some MVP worthy performances by unlikely hero Marco Scutaro. Then, there was the winning run by Ryan Theriot, and the unlikeliest of heroes Barry Zito and Ryan Vogelsong.

Let’s face it, at the beginning of last season, both Vogelsong and Zito were has beens. But then, Vogelsong did surprisingly well on the mound and even earned a spot in the All Star game. But at the beginning of this season, Zito was still taking up space on a picthing roster that, thanks to the lackluster season of Tim Lincecum, was starting to leave a bit to be desired. But then, Zito stepped up to fill a void when it looked like even young ace Madison Baumgartner might be in trouble. Magically, everything came together in the Series. Zito, Vogelsong, Baumgartner and Cain looked like four of the best starting pitchers in baseball. And Lincecum shone as their reliever. It was a fairy tale series pitching wise and a really exciting preview of what’s to come next year! If everyone continues to shine, including our beloved closer Sergio Rome, who also did a superb job, and Brian Wilson is back on the mound as well (fingers crossed, I sure do miss him!) the Giants are bound to once again have one of the best bull pens in baseball.

And, they will continue to be a team to be reckoned with in 2013. But for now, we have an entire year to enjoy being World Series Champions. And some brooms to raise on Halloween! Don’ you just love being a Giants fan?


PANDA!!! Zito!! Timmy! And Verlander…who?

The Giant’s game 1 World Series victory over the Tigers was so amazing, for so many reasons. Just like Game 7 of the NLCS, this was another game that seemed right out of Hollywood. Seriously folks, we couldn’t make these things up!

Three amazing reasons from Pablo Sandoval immediately spring to mind. Panda, Panda, Panda. What can I say about the Panda? Not one, not two, but three home runs in game 1 of the series. Three home runs off of the great Verlander. Three home runs making him the only Giant ever to do that in one game at AT&T, and only the 4th player in history to hit 3 homers in one world series game. Panda, Panda, Panda. It was a special thing to witness to be sure my friends!

And then there was my man Barry Zito! Another win for Zito, making it 14 in a row! I can’t really express in words how happy I am for Zito. He has made an incredible come back over the last few months. After not even making the roster in the 2010 Series, he is now an integral part of this team’s 2012 fight. Go, Zito, Go! Or, from one Trojan to another, Fight On Barry!

And let’s not forget Timmy! Lincecum was on fire last night as Zito’s reliever. Seven up, seven down. The 2010 Timmy was back, and a joy to watch. So many Giants had such an awesome game last night, and it all picked up speed with a ball hit off of 3rd base by Angel Pagan. After that, the Giants were on cloud nine. It just kept getting better. One awesome moment after another. I know between the hollering and clapping, I had a cheesy grin plastered on my face all night long. My favorite tag line of the night, “Giants, and Tigers, and beer! Oh my!” quickly became, “Holy crap! We are doing this!” I mean seriously, somebody pinch me!

And then, there was Verlander…Er, not really…The great Justin Verlander was not so great last night. He certainly was no match for the Giants bats. So many counted the Giants out because of the amazing Verlander. But as many of us know, never, ever count the Giants out! I said in my post yesterday that if the Giants could get past Verlander, we’d be golden. Well, we did. I think I’d prefer not to have to face him again in a game 7 of this series. If we can keep the awesome momentum going from last night, and I think we can, this is going to be another great Series for the Giants!

I’m not one to count my chickens before they hatch, but in the interest of planning for the best case scenario, I’m already plotting ways to get out of work for the victory parade…

Happy World Series Day!

What an unbelievable NLCS! An unbelievable series ended with an unbelievable game 7 and a 9th inning straight out of a sappy romance movie. As the rain streamed down on AT&T park, the Giants and fans celebrated a 9-0 win over the Cardinals. Of course, I believed all along we would pull this one out, even when we were down 3-1. If anyone can come back and win three, it’s the Giants. But to pull it off in this manner, well, unbelievable!

But to shut out the Cards and with 9 runs none the less?! Well, no one could have predicted that! It was an unforgettable moment to be sure! The icing on the cake of unforgettable moments like Marco Scutaro’s MVP worthy-awesomeness, that crazy hit by Pence that just baffled the Cards and, of course, my personal favorite, the awesome game 5 by Zito! As most of you know, I have been a Zito fan all along. Well, since 1997 actually when we were at college together. And I never gave up on him. After tonight, I hope to officially be able to say “I told you so!”

Of course it was hard not to feel a little bad for Saint Louis and their fans after being up and then losing three in a row. And to add insult to injury, not even putting up a fight in game 7! The Cards kind of fell apart, and I’m not sure why. But I actually don’t really feel all that bad, even though, of course Mike Matheny is on my list of favorites. Actually, the melt down may have been why the Fox cameras kept panning to the Cards’  manager, and former Giant catcher, and since it’s a great view, I won’t complain at all.

The match up between Zito and Verlander tonight in game 1 will surely be exciting. Let’s hope the new and improved (or 2002 circa) Barry Zito shows up! If the Giants can get past Verlander, I don’t see the rest of the Tigers being too ferocious. Zito is on fire, and no matter how good Verlander is, it’s only one game. And of course, never, ever, ever count this team out! In the words of Journey, Don’t Stop Believing! I know I haven’t!

Tough series, great win, and, have I mentioned lately that I love Brian Wilson?

I went to the game Friday night against the Reds with a group of friends, and boy did we have fun! It was cold up in the view reserved, but we had great seats for the post-game fireworks. And the Giants pulled out another walk off win (thank you Nate!!) to end the 9th, so we were ready to celebrate! All season I have been calling them the Extra Inning Champs but what I should really be calling them is the Walk Off Champs!

What made the game extra fun, though, was Brian Wilson, of course. Another friend was at the game with his two cousins from Ireland. It was their first ever baseball game and they had great seats, in 127, down by the bull pen. So of course, I went visiting around the 8th inning. I was as giddy as a school girl when Wilson started warming up in the bull pen, and so were about three hundred other people! The cameras started going off immediately! I ran down a few times between batters to the wall and snapped some great picks.

Geez, I love that man! And I am not the only one! When he ran in to the game, and they blasted Jump Around by House of Pain over the sound system, the crown went nuts! SO much fuun! And yes, I too miss his gorgeous face. But, if he were to shave, the Giants would lose out on a GREAT marketing ploy, so I don’t see it happening any time soon. I’m happy with what we’ve got. Not many teams have someone like Wilson on their roster: a great athlete, a great personality, and a cash cow! He certainly is one of a kind. I can’t wait till August 7 (Brian Wilson jersey promo) But of course, I’m gonna squeeze in a few more games between now and then!

The Giants went on to have a heart breaking loss on Saturday, and another too close for comfort win on Sunday. Clearly, Posey, Sandoval, and now Freddie Sanchez, are being missed by all. It’s been a roller coaster season filled with heart breaking injuries and losses, and nail biting wins. And I’m sure hoping that the likes of Burrel and Huff step up soon! Luckily, we’ve got another three, maybe four, months of torture to go! Play Ball!

My First Regular Season Home Game of 2011, and soon, a road trip to San Jose?

About two weeks ago I attended my first regular season home game this year, and I had all these grand plans to write about what a beautiful day it was, home much I love AT&T park, how great the Giants’ fans are, etc. But…lots of things happened in these two weeks, and I was waylaid. Life. Some rough games (Buster Posey, I miss you! Get well soon!). Some great games. Aubrey Huff’s come  back! Slipping back to second place….and my own road trip to LA.

On my trip to LA I got yet another remind of why I love baseball. I was sitting in Oakland airport, and my flight to LA was delayed almost an hour. Completely unlike me, I was already early for the flight, so I found myself with like 2 hours to kill. So, of course, I went to the bar. And luckily, the Giants game was about to begin. I got to watch the first three innings before I had to board the plane. And when I got off the plane at LAX, I had to wait for a co-worker arriving on another flight, so I had like another hour to kill. And so of course, I went to the  bar. And the Giants game was on! In LA! And it was only in the top of the 7th! So, I got to watch the last three innings of the game, too! Good times.

On another note, as most of you probably know, Barry Zito started his rehab stint in San Jose tonight. And, he didn’t do too bad. So…me thinks a road trip to San Jose may be in order soon! Now, how do I find out when he’ll be on the mound again??